A farmer who’s spending tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars on a tractor wants to know that it will do what he wants it to do and what your sales person tells him it does. This can be achieved by conducting a full range power test with documentation from PRUFSTAND.


A PRUFSTAND dynamometer is capable of producing printed results and /or torque and power curve graphs can give you much needed accurate and independent proof of performance and credibility. No two tractors are the same and the only way to satisfy your customer’s desire for proof is to offer them a documented and printed power report, produced by PRUFSTAND.


A PRUFSTAND power test is something that has been proven to be easily sold by sales staff and is no different to upselling an accessory or any other additional feature.


  • It can be a semi-regular source of revenue, not expenditure.

  • An assessment session on trade-in equipment can save you thousands when settling a price.

  • It can save you or your customer thousands of dollars, if it turns out their used machinery only needed a deglaze instead of something far greater.

  • Diagnose faults right in the field – no need to bring machinery off the filed into the dealership to diagnose many issues. Save money and time on unnecessary transport costs.


It is easy to use, both sales staff and service team can use it in the field.


Your sales team are actively selling PRUFSTAND testing and reports to customers.

Your sales team use PRUFSTAND as a sales tool.

Your field technicians take the PRUFSTAND into the field with them to assist in diagnosing faults and reducing downtime of customers.

Your service team are billing sessions for rebuild run-ins, fault finding and deglazing.


Power testing NEW tractors - Endeavour to sell your customer a documented power report because without it your customer may think his new tractor is under powered solely because modern tractors run smoother, quieter and cleaner than older tractors.


Running in NEW tractors - Include a dyno session to ensure you know it has been run in correctly under load, don’t risk glazing by it being put straight into light work. Also get the tractor to running temperature to check for any possible leaks such as hydraulic connections, hoses, etc, saving expensive non-chargeable on-farm service calls.


Forced DPF regen – When a normal regen is no longer possible. You can place the machine under load and force the DPF regen to run it cycle.  


Check prospective trades - Placing a prospective trade on a dyno can give you much needed insight into its ‘real’ condition and help to minimise any possible repair costs that would otherwise not be taken into account when discussing your trade price.


USED tractors - A dyno session may support your sales price because of the documented proof you’re able to offer. For example, a used tractor that has done high hours yet still has close to correct power, doesn’t breathe excessively and sounds fine, will yield more than one that doesn’t.


Deglazing - Bring life back into a glazed motor by running it on the dyno under load for a couple of hours. You will notice a difference, even after 10 minutes (a deglaze can take between 2-4 hours, sometimes longer). Your customer will be much happier with a $600-$800 dyno session than an $8000+ possible rebuild.


Fault finding - Duplicate the load or operating temperature to locate hard to find faults.


Running in rebuilds - Every rebuild should go on the dyno for at least 2 hours (even 4 to 6 hours is common). Two hours would attract a charge of $500. Rebuilds are in the range of $9,000 to $18,000 or more; an additional charge of $500 would not look out of place.

This ensures the unit is properly and professionally settled in with no possible leaks or weeps. Saving you possible warrant repair work in the future.



Full Range Power Test

Quick Power Test

Constant Load

with documentation

without documentation

up to first hour

every other hour

$ 250

$ 200

$ 250

$ 200

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