PRUFSTAND® recognized the need for greater flexibility with PTO Dynos. With Equipment Dealers now having multiple branches it was necessary to design a system where each branch could have access to the most common PTO Dyno for everyday testing - the A400  - plus have the ability to ‘join forces’ with other branches to test higher HP machinery. Introducing the revolutionary DYNOLink® system, available only from PRUFSTAND®.  


The unique ability to link the PRUFSTAND® systems gives Dealerships the flexibility for their branches to work together to easily test higher HP machinery in the field. To test when and where you need to. 


Both the A400 and A800 can be joined in different configurations to test up to 2400HP. 


Imagine the benefits of being able to easily share DYNO resources between your branches. 



  • Branch A‘s customer needs to have his high-power machine tested

  • Branch A has the capacity to test up to 400 hp

  • team up with Branch B from your network and bring two PRUFSTAND® A400 Dynos to the customer for the test

  • 2X PRUFSTAND® A400 Dynos are capable of testing up to 800 hp / 4400 lb-ft



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